Stages of roof replacement

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Roof Replacement Process

Even the best quality roof will start to fail when the roofing materials reach the end of their expected lifespan. Most roofing materials only come with a ten to twenty year guarantee on average. After this period ends, no amount of repairs will restore the function and beauty of your roof. Luckily, at that point, you can have our roofing professionals demo and rebuild your roof. Here's what to expect.


An inspection gives us the chance to note problem areas which may require immediate attention. We carefully consider the shape, size and pitch of your roof to determine the best material options for your unique build. The inspection may include a thorough look at the attic to ensure the ventilation components remain in good shape. Throughout the inspection, your roofer considers your preferences concerning both appearance and cost.

Bid Creation

We always spell out our findings by writing up a bid for each customer. The bid creation process includes the information gathered from the inspection and further research about material cost and availability. We will give you a timeline on job completion for each material type, depending on availability in your area. Make sure to carefully read through the bid information before signing the bottom to authorize the project.

Tear Off

After confirming the bid and ordering materials, your roofers will immediately start on the tear off process. If the roof sheathing remains in good condition, we can just remove and replace the vapor barrier, shingles, ridge cap and flashing. Extremely old, worn or damaged roofs, however, often require a full tear off to the trusses or beyond. During this process, our roofers always dispose of all the old materials to leave the jobsite clean and tidy.


The installation of the new materials begins with the lower support materials. On full roof rebuilds, we measure, cut and secure the sheathing materials to create the main foundation for your roof. From there, it's just a matter of covering the entire structure in shingles from the eaves to the ridge. Metal finish materials, such as the ridge cap and flashings, go on last to complete your build.

Final Inspection

After a thorough cleanup of the site, we always go through a final inspection alongside our customers. We will discuss our guarantee, material warranties, billing options and answer all of your questions.